Partnering with men and boys for gender justice

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Our Mandate

End Violence Against Women and Girls by breaking down how social constructions of masculinity are linked to men’s use of violence.

Ensure Equitable Relations in the Home by increasing male participation in childcare, household tasks and other unpaid care work.

Eradicate Harmful Practices such as prenatal sex selection, child marriage and bride kidnapping.

Improve Sexual and Reproductive Health by promoting reproductive choices as a shared responsibility between men and women.

Where we work

Recent stories

Engaging fathers in domestic tasks and caregiving to combat gender inequality
“When I come home, my daughters run to the door and give me a huge hug, and everything that concerned me during the day just melts away,” says Samir.
Father and participant in the Happy Fatherhood campaign
“I was only 17 years old when my daughter Anastasia was born. I knew I was too young to be a father, so I was very nervous, but also twice as motivated to do everything properly,” says Sandro...
Ambassador of the "Bedroom without Violence"
"The purpose of my involvement in this awareness-raising campaign is to remind the people around us how important it is to preserve one's family, maintain the equality and respect for the members of...