Reproductive Health and Rights

Men can play an essential role in preventing unplanned pregnancy, ensuring maternal and newborn care, and serving as allies in women’s health

Men have often been left out of the dialogue on sexual and reproductive health, with little attention paid to their role in preventing unplanned pregnancy and ensuring maternal and newborn care, and to their potential to function as allies in women’s health.

Engaging men in sexual and reproductive health is an emerging field. Evidence suggests a number of promising approaches to advance health outcomes for all, including programmatic interventions that raise men’s awareness of and support for their partners’ reproductive health; that increase men’s own access to reproductive health services; and that challenge gender roles and attitudes around sexual health. In carrying out such interventions, it is critical to involve a wide range of actors, including health-care providers, religious leaders and men themselves.

The MenEngage Platform connects partners to key research on the linkages between gender norms, masculinities and sexual and reproductive health, creating a space for discussion around this topic.

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