2019 State of the Art in Engaging Men in Health & Development: A Technical Marketplace

24 September 2019

Learn about new interventions, research, and tools relevant to engaging men in health, network with colleagues working on engaging men. Register for IGWG State of the Art in Engaging Men in Health and Development here.

The importance of engaging men in the movement for gender equality and health and development efforts has never been more evident. Yet the question of how to meaningfully engage men as beneficiaries, partners and agents of change while balancing many other key principles of our work, still challenges are community. As work in this vein grows in depth and breadth, new issues emerge. This year’s state of the art meeting will provide a space for members to share new approaches and exchange key challenges and identify potential solutions for engaging men across a range of health areas. In addition, the METF co-chairs will present and gather ideas for disseminating a Male Engagement “Do’s and Don’ts” document that it has developed in collaboration with USAID and experts in the field. The meeting will also provide time for members to network with one another.