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5 Ways Men Can Step Up at Home

In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, women spend 3 hours more per day on unpaid care work than men. Add paid work into the mix and many women are essentially pulling a “double shift” every day....


Family is teamwork: equality starts at home!

To mark this International Day of Families 2022, we are pleased to announce the launch of #FamilyTeamWork, a joint campaign of COFACE Families Europe and Men Engage Eastern Europe & Central Asia...


"I think all men have a positive role to play": engaging men in sexual and reproductive health through youth

Ervin Sinani, 24, from Albania “Young people are a vital part of society - they will be the future.” Ervin Sinani works as a Youth Peer Education Network (Y-PEER) educator in Albania. He trains...


7 Ways Men Can Protect Their Health

It’s a fact that men die younger than women. It’s a fact that men are over-represented in almost every major disease category. And, it’s a fact that masculine norms and the gendered nature of paid...


WHAT'S NEXT? Expanding Choices Through Family-Friendly Policies

How do policies in the workplace impact gender equality and choices for families? Join UNFPA for a public conversation on this important and timely topic, “What’s Next: Expanding Choices Through...