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Finding a way out of the ‘man box’: confronting gender inequality and the masculinity crisis in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine — Rigid, traditional views of gender roles in society and stereotypical ideas about masculinity and femininity are common among men in Ukraine, contributing to gender-based violence,...


Real men do chores too: Engaging fathers in domestic tasks and caregiving to combat gender inequality

ISTANBUL, Turkey — The idea of a workshop to teach men how to iron clothes was initially greeted with skepticism, if not outright mockery, by Aleksandar Grujic’s male peers in the former Yugoslav...


No more silence: Men take a stand against gender-based violence in Azerbaijan

IMISHLI, Azerbaijan — In the small, remote villages around Imishli district, gender-based violence is largely thought of as a private matter. The stigma around the issue keeps many people from...


Dads in Georgia and Ukraine celebrate active parenting on Father’s Day

TBILISI, Georgia/KYIV, Ukraine — “I was only 17 years old when my daughter Anastasia was born. I knew I was too young to be a father, so I was very nervous, but also twice as motivated to do...