Men, Masculinities and Climate Change: A Discussion Paper

Resource Date: 2019
Author: MenEngage Alliance

In Men, Masculinities and Climate Change, the authors aim to establish a rationale for understanding boys’ and men’s multiple roles in climate change by conducting an analysis of masculinities in patriarchal systems that play a contributing role in perpetuating climate change.

It seeks to build on and complement the foundational perspectives women’s rights colleagues and feminist activists have contributed to the climate debate to bring about transformative change.

In doing so, the paper supports the position that men and boys must be recognized for the multiple roles they play in addressing climate change mitigation and adaptations and, most importantly, how they can be seen as part of the solution.

The paper ends by posing a series of questions and areas for future action on research, programming and advocacy. Some of the areas presented will take long-term visioning and planning while other ideas can be made actionable today.

By working together, men, women and persons of all genders can challenge the patriarchal systems that perpetuate climate change to leave behind a more gender just and ecologically sustainable society for future generations.

Such solutions are not the only answer, but an important opportunity to strengthen the call for social, economic and environmental justice for all.